Does each server have a different level of anonymity?

Product: Service-Updates By: Richie Brody Created: (28,12,2021 at 19:04 PM)

AMANVPN allows you to be anonymous at two different levels. Start by swapping the original IP address assigned to you by your ISP with your IP address on the AMANVPN server. In this way, instead of any data sniffer retrieving your address, a corresponding AMANVPN server is used. This level is fixed.

The second level is more of an additional layer of protection, depending on the number of users you have on the same server. All users on a server use the same AMANVPNIP address to access the Internet. This layer is mutable because the more users the server has, the easier it is for a single user to be hidden by other users.

For the latter reason, the server map gives you a per-server anonymous score based on how many people are online. Anonymity is better when the server is frequently accessed than on a server with fewer users. Likewise, traffic is slower than a server with fewer users. Conversely, lower anonymous scores alert you while using fewer users - but they can complete tasks faster.

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