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What programs should I remove from startup?

Product: Internet Security By: aman Created: (11,07,2022 at 18:02 PM)

What programs should I remove from startup?

The programs you should remove on startup depend on your needs. If an app doesn’t enhance your Mac experience or provide an essential service (like reliable antivirus software), you can remove it. Adding unnecessary startup programs will increase your bootup time and slow down your Mac.

You might be surprised to see some startup programs on your list. Games, random apps, and even Mac-specific programs can sneak onto your starting lineup when you install them. But do you really need to be hit with Apple Mail, stock market news, and a poker app every time you log in?

Understanding your computing needs will help you choose which startup programs to remove. As part of your regular Mac maintenance, take inventory of startup items. You should also optimize your Mac security settings to ensure only essential apps open on startup.

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