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Do I need anti-virus and malware protection?
Do I need anti-virus and malware protection?In this day and age, they are the same thing - there is no difference between anti-virus and anti-malware software. No one offers software that can detect and remove viruses and ignore worms, Trojans, spyware and ransomware. Even if the product name is "An.....
aman on Jun 30 2022
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Network interruption Why is my network down?
The Internet does not work without a connection to AMANVPN, usually for two main reasons:The AMANVPN stop switch is still enabled.DNS Settings need to be reset. To reset your DNS Settings.If you disable the kill switch and reset the DNS Settings, your Internet is still not working when you disconnec.....
Richie Brody on Dec 28 2021
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Will I get a different IP address every time I connect?
Specify a specific number of IP addresses for each server. Therefore, every time you connect to the same server, the IP address you get is different. This IP address is shared by other users connected to the same server.If you need a special IP address that only you can visit, don't hesitate to ask .....
Richie Brody on Dec 27 2021
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What do various server classifications mean?
Standard server: it is an ordinary VPN server, which can encrypt your Internet communication and replace your IP address.Double VPN is a privacy solution that sends your Internet traffic through two servers and then encrypts it twice. Only OpenVPN (UDP) and OpenVPN (TCP) protocols are valid.Onion ov.....
Richie Brody on Dec 27 2021
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How to identify and defeat mobile scams 2022
Today, almost everybody has a smartphone. These smartphones assist us in connecting to friends through calls and social media, carrying out transactions through our banks, keeping medical records, education, etc. Smartphones have enabled us to store our information and files in the cloud for easy ac.....
Tzar on Feb 28 2022
How to delete your Gmail account permanently
Google provides many services without which our daily life would feel incomplete, YouTube, Search, Maps, we use any number of these during our day-to-day schedule. In order to use any of these services to their full potential you need a Google account. So, sooner or later, everyone ends up creating .....
Tzar on Feb 26 2022
How to spot a bot on Tinder?
Tinder is an extremely popular dating platform used by people from around the globe. From the funny screenshots of chats on Reddit to Tinder videos on YouTube, the platform has been popular since its inception in late 2012. The main concept behind the app is simple. To swipe right to “like” someone .....
Tzar on Feb 26 2022
2.4 vs. 5 GHz Wi-Fi: Are you using the right one?
Ever wonder why your router has two identical names in your Wi-Fi network list, except one ends with “2.4” and another ends with “5”? Don’t panic—it’s not a bug. Both names belong to the same router. They just operate on different frequency bands. What are (Wi-Fi) frequency bands?Frequency bands are.....
Tzar on Mar 02 2022
6 times cyber scammers used celebrities to con people
Does that celebrity-endorsed crypto ad you saw on Instagram sound too good to be true? It’s very likely because it’s a scam. And you should think very carefully about clicking on it—never mind investing your money. (If you do decide to click on it, make sure to switch your Aman VPN on first to mask .....
Tzar on Mar 02 2022
Things you didn't know: "Cyber Monday Hangover"
According to Mozilla, "The average person sees 4,000 ads a day."To better understand this problem, think about how many people you will see each day. During COVID-19, its price may be much lower than normal. Did you see 10 people? If you are attending Zoom meetings every day, maybe 50 times? People .....
Selena on Dec 30 2021


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Does each server have a different level of anonymity?
AMANVPN allows you to be anonymous at two different levels. Start by swapping the original IP address assigned to you by your ISP with your IP address on the AMANVPN server. In this way, instead of any data sniffer retrieving your address, a corresponding AMANVPN server is used. This level is fixed......
Richie Brody on Dec 28 2021
What is the difference between IPSec and IKEv2?
IPSecIPSec, also known as Internet Protocol Security, is a set of protocols used to protect Internet protocol (IP) data transmission and communication, or simply, Internet communication. IPSec authenticates and encrypts each data packet during the connection to establish a secure connection.Benefits.....
Richie Brody on Dec 28 2021
What is the AMANVPN SOCKS5 proxy server?
SOCKS is an Internet protocol that uses a proxy server to exchange network packets between clients and servers. As packets are routed through the SOCKS5 proxy server, the AMANVPN shared IP address will be hidden until its original IP address reaches its final destination. This allows anonymous acces.....
Richie Brody on Dec 28 2021

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Is my slow internet or the computer responsible?
Is my slow internet or the computer responsible?If websites and downloads are running slower than usual, your PC might not be the culprit after all. Instead, the issue could be a slow internet connection or a problem with your browser. Try performing a speed test to evaluate the health of your inter.....
aman on Jul 11 2022
Clean up your Mac’s apps and programs with Avast Cleanup
Clean up your Mac’s apps and programs with Avast CleanupManaging storage space is essential for maintaining a healthy Mac. Removing unnecessary startup items can quickly create space. But to get your Mac running optimally, use a dedicated cleanup tool.Avast Cleanup lets you remove junk, duplicate do.....
aman on Jul 11 2022
What programs should I remove from startup?
What programs should I remove from startup?The programs you should remove on startup depend on your needs. If an app doesn’t enhance your Mac experience or provide an essential service (like reliable antivirus software), you can remove it. Adding unnecessary startup programs will increase your bootu.....
aman on Jul 11 2022